BLACKPINK performs 'Ddu-du-Ddu-du' live in Times Square | GMA

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • The K-Pop super group's hit song has over 660 million views on YouTube. Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo were met with a crowd of their loyal fans known as the "Blinks" as they geared up to perform live in Times Square. READ MORE:

    BLACKPINK is a South Korea-based girl group but each member hails from parts of the world. They have more than 18 million subscribers on YouTube and have garnered hundreds of thousands of views for their music videos.


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  • chubs


     8 hours ago

    yg should get them a new choreographer and get them some more songs so they dont have to perform the same few all the time. maybe then they will be more excited to perform

  • domingoelias1


     19 hours ago

    una papa mas al caldo

  • nguyen tam

    nguyen tam

     21 hours ago

    I love u 😍😍

  • whats k-bip?

    whats k-bip?

     22 hours ago

    guys, its not the choreo (i mean sorry it literally is lmaoo) but like when they perform this normally like, i mean in korea the camera changes it thats why. this choreo is meant to have a lot of camera zooms and movement on them, thats why. but like, its not the cameramans or anyones fault (maybe except for yg entertainment) they should have at least changed their choreo for this tho.

  • youwithin me

    youwithin me


    Why I'm hearing double voices ....???

  • Blinki blinki

    Blinki blinki


    2:23Jensoo is Real

  • itz_ chelsi

    itz_ chelsi


    This was kind of boring I feel like they could do better and if this is how their going to perform at the bbmas then oof ( no hate)

  • bookworms in library

    bookworms in library

     2 days ago

    Honestly, I think overall it wasn't that bad. Give the girls a rest. But it was a bit lacking in effort.

  • rawrexdee


     2 days ago

    omfg theyre so sick of this song i swear 💀💀

  • stan dreamcatcher bitch

    stan dreamcatcher bitch

     3 days ago

    not hate but they delete bts video when bp about to come

  • LittleMix Lyrics

    LittleMix Lyrics

     3 days ago

    Ok so I'm just becoming a blink, and as a mixer, I reckon their management needs to help them focus on their vocals more. They have incredible vocals, but for example, little mix focus on their vocals and their choreography, I would love to see black pink do a song where they just stand and sing. Their backing track also contains too much vocals. They can sing live, but their management needs to believe in them more.

  • Psycho slit

    Psycho slit

     3 days ago +2

    Guys calm down this was their first ever American debut . So ofc they’re nervous

  • Farhan Abdul hai

    Farhan Abdul hai

     3 days ago

    You stupid blackpink

  • Edens Honey

    Edens Honey

     3 days ago

    Half of the comments is armys shitting on blackpink

  • Wind Dance

    Wind Dance

     4 days ago

    Rose always has the same white boots every single time. Yg is a greedy man

  • Avril !

    Avril !

     4 days ago

    And AGAIN Rose has got the most simple outfit of them all....
    Look at Lisa with that blue top
    Jisoo with them nice sleeves.
    Jennie with that cute combo.
    And their hair styles are great as well.
    And there our Rose looks like the grey mouse in that simple dress among them . And like always the same hair style.
    I mean come on!! She is SO beautiful she deserves fancy outfits and different hair styles like the other members!

  • star moonbyul

    star moonbyul

     4 days ago

    99% Fanwars arguing over ‘lack of talent’ and ‘lack of stage presence’ from Blackpink
    1% Blinks actually spreading love for the fact this is their literal first performance in the west

  • Shakhzoda Kosimova

    Shakhzoda Kosimova

     4 days ago

    Cant you see that they are being careful not to fall because they are wearing hingheels and also jisoo almost falled because of her higheels.

  • LO NI

    LO NI

     5 days ago

    They r queen
    Haterz get lost

  • Sophia Lai

    Sophia Lai

     5 days ago

    Wha...wha what is this not to be rude but GIRLS WHERE HAS THE ENERGY?!