Why SpaceX is Making Starlink

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 15, 2019
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    Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
    Co-Writer: https://www.vuiclip.net/channel/UClZbmi9JzfnB2CEb0fG8iew
    Editor: Stephanie Sammann (https://www.stephanie-sammann.com/)
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (https://www.moboxgraphics.com/)
    Sound: Graham Haerther (https://haerther.net/)
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster https://twitter.com/forgottentowel

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    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  • Real Engineering

    Real Engineering

     3 months ago +591

    You may notice a strange edit at the 14:18 mark. That's because I had to remove a tiny section of video as a result of FC Barcelona claiming all the monetisation on this video, and I was forced to remove a tiny clip of Messi scoring his first goal.

  • wavsunlimited


     3 hours ago

    are they aware that satellite internet doesn't work in bad weather?

  • Gerard Flannigan

    Gerard Flannigan

     6 hours ago

    Excellent channel mate

  • Dedbeard


     7 hours ago

    This is bad. If one if all of their planned satellites are deployed and just one of them collides with another it could cause a devastating domino effect. The satellites would shoot off debris which could hit more satellites causing even more debris, i think you see the exponential danger there. It wouldn't take long for our planet to be surrounded in a cloud of tiny satellite parts that would prevent any future space voyages, considering the debris would rip our ships apart causing yet even more of a problem. We don't need more objects in orbit. If Elon does this we may never reach the stars. I understand that they have measures against space debris, but it seriously wouldn't take long for it to be unavoidable, all it takes is one crash. The want for global broadband does not justify this risk in my opinion. We should look into more possibilities before going straight to satellites. Or at VERY least have a system in place to jettison ALL satellites in the event of orbital collision.

  • Dezire FourLust

    Dezire FourLust

     9 hours ago

    Welp I guess that one money one language one government end of times stuff is coming up next..... ._.
    This is fuking scary honestly theres alot of huge impacts that are yet to be known due to the unification of the world because basically that's what this is, And been as America is the #1 country in the world there ways will be dominant world wide. Wether other governments like it or not. Corporate American influence is by far the most dominant of all cultures everywhere. If you truly open ur eyes u can see the influence by corporate america in all countries and it's horrible effects on it also. Theres something bad about this but we've yet to know what. Too bad we cant see the future.

  • boltonky


     10 hours ago

    Informative video thanks :) , only real problem is the space outside earth is already getting to a point where we soon wont actually be able to leave earth without cleaning up old debris not to mention the potential problems this will cause....This in all is why i prefer googles method of high altitude balloons, i feel in some ways we need to work together as one but without competition there is no advancement.

  • Kevin M

    Kevin M

     13 hours ago

    Will the upload speeds be slow?

  • anti quantum

    anti quantum

     14 hours ago

    Guys internet and tech is gone already to the predators. Mindful people are switching off widely, in favor of health and peace. One hour a day connected max, the rest social, gardening, reading, exercise etc. Personally I don't use phones anymore except for phonecalls. And internet for info, banking and email. Advertisers and Mil-tel/Gov killed it.

  • Touchme


     15 hours ago

    i would switch quick for that.

  • TheDevilsMaster


     17 hours ago +1

    The more stuff we have in space surrounding us will also make it harder for us to send more stuff up there.

  • Rahul Govani

    Rahul Govani

     17 hours ago

    i dont think it would be accurate to use lights speed in vacuum to do the math, mainly because the laser would partially need to travel thru the atmosphere without vacuum

  • LukeSider


     19 hours ago

    People when elon gets this done, day one "omg i have 2 ping" "wtf this guy definitely has 0 ping, thats such a advantage on my 2 ping"

  • ManofSteele25


     20 hours ago

    hes using starlink to fund his/our mission to mars..... so ill be signing up.... ill help contribute

  • Gino Foogle

    Gino Foogle

     21 hours ago +1

    Not sure i like this idea.. is there not enough space junk floating around earth already?

  • The Zen Devil

    The Zen Devil

     23 hours ago

    First we make star link. We integrate it into our culture and technology. Then become dependent upon it. A satellite failure hapens triggering a cascade effect in which all the satellites become disabled in turn devastating our technology and culture causing chaos, wars, starvation, wide spread human canabalism and mass extinction. All that for better fucking internet. So worth it!

  • Beyond Redemption

    Beyond Redemption


    Wow, Starlink is cheaper than "4g to 5g jump". Hooray for tech and internet for all.

  • PAcifisti



    That latency calculation completely disregarded the delays that will occur inside the satellites as the data is received, processed and transmitted onwards. This was however taken into account for the land based routing.
    The satellites are not mirrors, they're routers / computers and will have to decide internally where to sent the incoming traffic towards to.
    With only a few satellites covering the central parts of Europe and USA at a time the queues for the lines might also become quite astronomical. If mobile providers are suffering with bandwidth issues across the US and EU with huge amount of towers and receivers available it's gonna be a nightmare to attempt to serve large amount of users who're all connected to a single station (a satellite)
    If SpaceX is somehow capable of making this magical satellite that can handle millions of high speed connections on its own it makes little sense to send them to space. It would be way cheaper and more efficient to place them on top of tall towers to serve large metropolises extremely cheaply and effectively.

  • Jason Hartzog

    Jason Hartzog


    Starlink is to link brain chips that will be installed in humans.

  • Alex Quaesar

    Alex Quaesar


    space-x's internet speed will probably be worse than australia's internet speed

  • Juan Francisco Casas

    Juan Francisco Casas


    - Elon! There are some strange white fluffy vapor masses between users and our scify sattelite networks.. - Oh shit, we forgot about clouds.