AoE 2 - Unbelievable Regicide FFA Game!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • Another amazing regicide game on the map Pilgrims!

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  • T90Official - Age Of Empires 2

    What a comeback! I stream Age of Empires 2 multiple times per week on my twitch stream. You can find that link here --
    Hope you enjoyed the video! :D

    • W. Arthur Buchanan II
      W. Arthur Buchanan II  2 months ago

      Hey T90! I've been watching a lot of your videos, and I really like the pilgrims regicide matches. Question, has anyone ever tried taking over all the starting islands early than dominating the water? I think that might be a viable strategy for someone if they could pull it off. Maybe with a small resource colony on the mainland if necessary.

    • jesse robertson
      jesse robertson  1 years ago +3

      hey are you interested in a co-op games? (2 players 1 civ controlling same units)

  • Rotiz Beratiz
    Rotiz Beratiz  2 months ago

    11:30 DeFENselESs wOmAn GEtTiNg LYNCHed bY ViOLeNt mOb.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott  2 months ago

    grey fished

  • bb
    bb  2 months ago

    blue moving his ship wasnt that suspicious since he only had like 2 units

  • Ryan Grieve
    Ryan Grieve  2 months ago

    This should be a legend video. For grey to come back from where he was and win it is nothing short insane. Well done sir.

  • Виталий Филин

    привет из Russia

  • SketchyBack
    SketchyBack  2 months ago

    Stop trying to make clutch happen. It's not going to happen!

  • KingHados
    KingHados  3 months ago +1

    Where do i get a iso for age of empires 2 so i can use voobly?

  • Gregory Edwards
    Gregory Edwards  3 months ago

    AoE2, still amazing almost 20 years later

  • Defronnie
    Defronnie  4 months ago

    Aardbeienkoning eerder AAMBEIENKONING
    snap je
    heb ik gelijk of heb ik gelijk

  • Hermy Thermy
    Hermy Thermy  5 months ago


  • Daxter250
    Daxter250  5 months ago

    pity, that yellow didn't try to snipe the king with demolition ships at the end...

  • ThorgalsWalhalla
    ThorgalsWalhalla  7 months ago


    Y0USEEMUPSET  8 months ago

    This game in a nutshell: "I've gotta go to the bathroom, guys"

  • Azzi
    Azzi  9 months ago

    1:29:25 Where the hell did that Throwing Axeman come from? Grey is Byzantines...

  • Aerie Leah
    Aerie Leah  9 months ago

    I think blue was stream cheating, but at least he didn't do that earlier. I think he pretended like he didn't hear you until it was obvious he was going to die, then he wanted revenge and stopped caring.
    But I'm glad for grey. Like seriously. Also as far as why grey didn't want that woodline chopped, it's because it was part of the walling on the secure part of his base. He wanted that area protected and not exposed so suddenly he has to wall it.
    As for Verona, I felt worse for him before I realized that Verona kinda did bring it on himself. He knew what he was doing was ballsy. He knew it was going to get him talked about by you and there is always the chance of cheaters. Even if there wasn't, there is still a chance someone will research spies, even though it does tell you they are. So, while I do feel bad for him, since it wasn't legitimate, it wasn't exactly impossible.
    I'd feel worse if he had been trying a lot harder to protect his king and it had gotten sniped by blue.

  • MegaKossak
    MegaKossak  9 months ago

    How is that game where the two last guys suicide their kings in a transport ship called? I can't find it!

  • Smit Parmar
    Smit Parmar  1 years ago

    Red was such a great player. I wonder why he didn't put his king in tc