AoE 2 - Unbelievable Regicide FFA Game!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • Another amazing regicide game on the map Pilgrims!Follow my Livestream- my Facebook- to my stream- everyone! -- Watch live at
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  • T90Official - Age Of Empires 2

     2 years ago

    What a comeback! I stream Age of Empires 2 multiple times per week on my twitch stream. You can find that link here -- you enjoyed the video! :D

  • W. Arthur Buchanan II

     8 months ago

    Hey T90! I've been watching a lot of your videos, and I really like the pilgrims regicide matches. Question, has anyone ever tried taking over all the starting islands early than dominating the water? I think that might be a viable strategy for someone if they could pull it off. Maybe with a small resource colony on the mainland if necessary.

  • jesse robertson

     2 years ago

    hey are you interested in a co-op games? (2 players 1 civ controlling same units)

  • Siddios

     2 years ago

    "There is no way grey is coming back from that"

  • g fox

     1 years ago

    18:55 re: grey "I mean, he's going to lose the game. There's no way he can come back."...30:42 (in chat) DanTheMad "inb4 grey kills red"36:59 (in chat) Willworkforicecream: "Grey is the Alderaan of AoC."55:01 (in chat) DanTheMad "grey will win this"... DanTheMad always believed!

  • luckdragon8

     2 years ago

    gg. sorry for the salt. ;2blush

  • Lord Passion

     2 years ago

    luckdragon8 was rooting for either you or gray from start. Saw you made top 3 I got excited.

  • Alison Sanches Krinski

     2 years ago

    I was rooting for you when you had the idea to take up the corner, the same that I would do. I guess you were bested by stamina

  • Jeffery Tang

     2 years ago

    New game: Take a shot every time a villager dies from a wolf.

  • Vermoo303

     2 years ago

    Take a shot for every "woo"

  • Human Smith

     2 years ago

    Lol i like how you slammed teal for giving up so early and then you are later proved right when grey makes his come back.

  • Chainsaw Lizard

     2 years ago

    13:10 "this guy could come back and win the game." you have no idea

  • Your Neighborhood Youtube Commenter

     2 years ago

    I love the non-pro games because they're so unpredictable. :P

  • Martijn Bouman

     2 years ago

    At 50:04 you see that blue placed his transport on top of the fish, just like T90 asked. So he was definitely streamcheating.

  • Shantia Esmaeili

     2 months ago

    @Phoenix4646 he had to pee bro, he couldn't think anymore, and I'm sure u have know idea now, what im talking about.

  • Jontwang5

     2 years ago

    You can also see him confessing in the damn chat

  • Toom

     2 years ago

    what a game :D had to rewatch it. Never suggest a map you have never played online. But it was pretty funny :D if i had moer vills at the end i maybe could have pushed but not with 50 vills :(

  • Geen naam

     1 years ago

    + Toom You were actually the best player in there i felt.

  • Nick

     2 years ago

    I was rooting for ffffaaaaa the whole time xD