New AOE Buff!? 1 Pull ~ KH Union χ[Cross]

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Another Tier 5 banner just came out but it came with a very unique Namine!

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  • narrow robin

    narrow robin

     a years ago

    oh dang lol i didint notice this this was a thing till i saw one of my party people have it i wasint on kingdom hearts union x at the time i had my chance lol but i quit because i thought i was bored of it that guy is right if it wasint for you octipus i wouldint be playing kingdom hearts union x right now and because of you i just might be preording the kh bundle all in one i had it on ps2 but never beat it but on the remastered version ima try to thanks alot i owe you

  • Exar Ace

    Exar Ace

     a years ago

    I pulled it on my second pull 👏👏👏

  • Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez

     a years ago

    I got her in one poll and I only had 3000 jewel. This is lucky, WAY to lucky

  • MrAppi


     a years ago

    I got Namine on my first pull :DD

  • Grim Soar

    Grim Soar

     a years ago

    You still need -60% ground/air on ST/Random medals for PvE Coliseum. I don't have any with both personally.

  • Myra Bonner

    Myra Bonner

     a years ago

    I got both of them on the first draw. Including that i have bad luck when i draw

  • kidwajagstang


     a years ago +1

    Ok, the game FINALLY has shown me insane RNG luck with 2 pulls on this banner. No, I didn’t get Namine, BUT the first pull I got a BOOSTED 7 Star Riku vs Roxas, got -60 ground as trait for combining my guaranteed 6 Star with it. I pulled a second time as I figured since I have a boosted 7 Star prime medal I should maybe get a second trait for it.. and I get 2 (TWO!!) regular 7 Star Prime Riku vs Roxas’s!!! My jaw is on the floor! I have 3 (THREE!!) 7 Star Prime Riku vs Roxas medals and one is BOOSTED!!! I’m just flabbergasted that in two pulls I have 3 mercy medals!! Where were these pulls back in the Sephiroth EX days?!?! Still, not complaining, I’m truly happy!!

  • Altoryu


     a years ago

    I think I've pulled from this banner 4 times so far and got sweet f all on the Namine front. I swear that RNG hates my guts when it comes to this game and it doesn't help when jewels are so bloody expensive otherwise I'd buy more for more chances but when like 20 bucks Australian gets you only like half a pull when it's not WJE, it feels pretty unfair.

  • eraji


     a years ago

    The beard is nice af. Keep it please!

    Edit: Got Namine on my 2nd pull, I'm in love <3

  • RShadow


     a years ago

    i got lucky and pulled namine on the 2nd pull. (was only going to do one but randomly wanted 1 trait roll)

  • smgofdvld


     a years ago +1

    love the beard octo 😃

  • KeybladeMasterHikari


     a years ago

    I got her on my first pull :')
    i guess this is the game's way for compensating for me not getting either Kairi or xion ex+
    I'm still going save and wait patiently for the mercy pull for them though.

  • NeoGohan


     a years ago

    This medal helped me beat stage 13 Axel.

  • BroBeats McGeets

    BroBeats McGeets

     a years ago

    i got the mercy pull first pull finally

  • William Nadzam

    William Nadzam

     a years ago

    15:42 wow u really got wisdom on your side

  • ツOmni


     a years ago


  • Joshue Matta

    Joshue Matta

     a years ago +1

    Octo i got bob and jack jack medal yesterday my first hsc medal yaaa

  • KH Sand

    KH Sand

     a years ago

    I got her! I wish you did too Octo because we both got Xion Ex+ on the free pull.

  • Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez

     a years ago

    Is namine worth having a defensive skill or a offensive skill?

  • MANNY~EmberDim


     a years ago

    I got that Roxas and Xion medal from that banner! So glad I didn't pull for them! xD