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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/T9tzBo8L1F8


  • Axwell -

    Axwell -

     2 minutes ago

    Your getting this back lash cause you are full of shit and you lose yourself with the amount of bullshit you release it's even hard to support you... or believe you!!

  • Tasil Last

    Tasil Last

     13 minutes ago

    I think you can not convince us of who you are - because you actually don't know who you are - you are a mess and you profit off being a mess - so why change...

  • Chris Konstantatos

    Chris Konstantatos

     13 minutes ago

    Why the hell is this apology 18 minutes long. And where is the apology

  • Tasil Last

    Tasil Last

     14 minutes ago

    Wow you are not even good at acting...

  • luscious beauty

    luscious beauty

     56 minutes ago

    You are such a lost person and u need some help. Go seek some medical help because this shit that your trying to pull is fuckin nonsense. Your going straight down hill

  • Danielle Croy

    Danielle Croy

     an hour ago

    You’re a woman Trisha. You’re not transgender. At all. You’re saying all of these lies for attention and views.

    You are using the transgender community for your own personal gain. You even admitted that you cried and been dramatic in videos for views. This is the same exact situation. You using them for you own personal gain. This is a BIG F you to the lgbt community and to transgender people specifically.

    If you were truly transgender you would have really came out at the beginning or near the beginning of your career and really came clean to your following.

    These things you say about how you “felt since you were young” are just complete bull. Your crying and your statements full of lies. You don’t deserve anything you have.

    Saying you’re “attracted” to the transgender community doesn’t mean you are trans. You are not transgender Trisha Paytas. You’re an attention whore.

  • Dolfingarcia24


     2 hours ago

    Trish: “as a child I’ve hated my breasts”
    Also Trish has her boobs so that the whole world can see them

  • XxGamer GirlxX

    XxGamer GirlxX

     2 hours ago +1

    I’m surprised she isn’t on her kitchen floor

  • jasmine g

    jasmine g

     3 hours ago

    i cant tell if she feels vulnerable and wants to fit in or feels this way.

  • Biljana Nestorovic

    Biljana Nestorovic

     4 hours ago

    did this bitch actually put ADS on this matha fucking video WOW GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • louie oliver

    louie oliver

     4 hours ago +1

    Trisha, maybe you're bigender...

  • David Moss

    David Moss

     4 hours ago

    fuck is this asmr

  • Lai M.

    Lai M.

     5 hours ago +1

    So....are u Str8 now

  • moonchild


     5 hours ago

    Dear Trisha, a transgender woman is a woman who was born as male, experienced gender dysphoria and may transitioned into a woman because that's how she felt, so now she is transexual because she may did the operation and changed her sex/gender.Same with transgender men. Now lets talk about the biological sex/gender and the social sex/gender. In your previous video you said that you accept your biological sex/gender which is a woman, but also you feel as a man.Only by saing that you accept your biological sex/gender, it doesn't make you a transgender woman nor a man. Also,you seem to have embraced your biological sex/gender by dressing as a woman which is your social sex/gender. When your biological sex/gender matches your social sex/gender then you are not a transgender. What I believe you want to say is that you grew up as a girl who didn't want to follow the stereotypes of how a girl should look like and how she should act and this is totally acceptable and understandable and I would never think that you wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. Though, you need to learn how to express yourself so no one can misunderstand you again. I am studying Psychology so I am trying to help you and protect you from further rude comments. I wish I kinda helped. Please take care and love yourself and remember you don't need to always explain yourself as long as you know how you feel and who you are. <3

  • Meg B

    Meg B

     5 hours ago

    You can’t mock entire communities and then expect them to accept you with arms wide open!

  • Meg B

    Meg B

     5 hours ago

    This video probably made a good amount of money.

  • rachel o'brien

    rachel o'brien

     5 hours ago

    sis is just confused.. either way this is the funniest shit i've seen all week

  • Lena Grabowski

    Lena Grabowski

     5 hours ago

    I think a little LGBTQIA+ education would help her. I genuenly want Trish to know that her confusion can be solved quite easly by just informing herlself.

  • jason pearce

    jason pearce

     6 hours ago

    full on Whack job.

  • uselesspan - ace

    uselesspan - ace

     7 hours ago

    Please do everybody and yourself a favor and go to a better therapist. This isn't meant to be offending or anything but I think it's pretty clear that you have pretty grave mental health issues. Wish you the best, but please, do something about that.