Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer



  • Rato


     2 months ago +1399

    I know why this is taking so long.
    They are building a Wonder.

  • you must enter a name

    you must enter a name

     4 months ago +4360

    Day 587: Erection slowly fading

  • FuryLinger


     4 months ago +1283

    Can't wait to play this game in my grave

  • alexbrave1


     2 months ago +504

    They need to put more villagers on this game so it'll build faster, obviously

  • ejebril


     3 months ago +1411

    Still waiting .....

  • SchwarzKater


     2 months ago +308

    When a Teaser that shows literally nothing but drawings, has 10 million views you know people are hot about the next AoE!

  • QwErT1 AsDfG2

    QwErT1 AsDfG2

     3 months ago +723

    "now a new age is upon us "
    - age of waiting?

  • Rafael Ramos

    Rafael Ramos

     2 months ago +432

    Just finishing the E3 Microsoft conference and there was nothing about this game goddammit!

  • Davo O'Cass

    Davo O'Cass

     6 months ago +1359

    our time period could be featured in this game...
    cos by the time it's released,
    we will be ancient history.

  • ali akeel

    ali akeel

     2 months ago +294

    Keep scrolling,don't worry about me.
    I'm waiting just like you

  • Omega Synth

    Omega Synth

     3 months ago +439

    2017: WOW! This looks sick! Can't wait to play it!
    End of 2017: Must be a lot of stuff to develop.
    2018: Ok, a year, big deal, the game will launch soon.
    End of 2018: Any moment now.
    2019: Aaaany moment

  • djhappyyyyy


     2 months ago +99

    Half-life 3....
    AoE4: Hold my beer

  • 1Biel


     4 months ago +349

    Waiting for so much time... April/2019

  • Blocked


     2 months ago +125

    AoE: 1997
    AoE2: 1999
    AoE3: 2005
    (we'll ignore AoM for this calculation)
    2 years between the first 2, 6 between the second and third, 2 times 3 is 6 that means 6 times 3 will be when they release AoE4
    only 4 more years fellas

  • Nguyễn Khương

    Nguyễn Khương

     1 months ago +42

    98,6 weeks
    690 days
    16,560 hours
    993,600 minutes
    59,616,000 seconds
    And still waiting

  • sajidur rahman

    sajidur rahman

     2 months ago +39

    I'll buy this as a gift for my grand kid's 18th birthday. (I'm 27 now BTW) :)

  • Lef C

    Lef C

     3 months ago +120

    Dear Diary,
    Today it is 3rd of May of the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.
    Still no signs of life from the subject.

  • Cornell Adyas

    Cornell Adyas

     7 months ago +1799

    cant wait to play this game with my grandson and his wife!

  • Eli Baker

    Eli Baker

     2 months ago +37

    I don't mind waiting if that means the game will be completed unlike how EA rushes out half completed games and makes us buy the rest of it through DLC.

  • Alexander Schoch

    Alexander Schoch

     3 months ago +44

    Microsoft is playing with my feelings