These Are The Incredible Toyota Trucks We Can't Buy In America!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 28, 2019
  • ( We had the chance to checkout the Toyota Land Cruiser museum and saw all the incredible Cruisers that we could never buy in the US.

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  • brent moller

    brent moller

     3 months ago +140

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five stars Don't know what else to say

  • Larry Landry

    Larry Landry

     6 days ago

    Huge Land Cruiser fan here great video, I'm an owner for life having owned 6 of them. Kurt Williams is an awesome ambassador for the Land Cruiser community.



     7 days ago

    Never understand the complete rules and regulations of law why
    certain brands of trucks can be bought over sea's and brought over to United States for daily usage in driving here.
    Certain foreign brand trucks are even brought to the U.S.A. and converted here in this country to
    drive on a daily basis everyday!
    I wanna buy a used foreign truck in good condition that is durable and that I don't have to convert to (U.S.A. Specific Regulations)
    (Classic Toyota Only Here)

  • Jean Mermoz

    Jean Mermoz

     7 days ago

    Bof ! Here in Australia we drove them everyday... All those type... Nothing new

  • Jazzy Fizzle

    Jazzy Fizzle

     14 days ago

    I love my 200 😉that twin turbo V8 diesel just sings! I’m surprised you can’t get that engine in the states....

  • digitaltactics


     14 days ago

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 stars if we can get the Us government to stop Blocking reliable Fuel efficient diesel vehicles. Like the D-4D diesel Engine. Info D-4D actually stands for Direct Injection 4 Cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine. Common rail diesels injects a fine mist of fuel into the engine at very high pressure. The result is the same power and refinement as a petrol engine, but with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Where talking 34 to almost 40 mpg if it was in a Tacoma or a Fj cruiser & can run on bio fuel. There is a place in the usa that could have made my D-4D diesel Engine dream happen dieseltoys TFLoffroad you guys & gals should interview them. Unfortunately i had too sell my 6 speed 2008 Fj. So both the Dreams of have theses here in original from or Engine up grade are on hold for now keep up the Amazing content. Oh ya now i want too go to that museum :)

  • whonnock4752


     14 days ago

    The first vehicle I ever bought new was a '78 FJ40. I wish I would have kept it.

  • Jason Wolbert

    Jason Wolbert

     14 days ago

    So why isn't Toyota selling any desiel designs across the board in the US? The gas models are total hogs on fuel economy. I own an 03 cruiser, a 95 4-runner, and an 05 tundra. Love them all, but a turbo desiel on any of these babies?, well enough said. My guess is they'd put the Fords and Chevy's out of business almost overnight.

  • Cantong Chong

    Cantong Chong

     14 days ago

    The Mega Cruiser with space for a fridge in the front console!! In Australia on outback roads that would be choice 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A K

    A K

     14 days ago


  • gypsymanjeff 21

    gypsymanjeff 21

     14 days ago

    Why do they do this
    .also with motorcycles the same ..what are they or is it our markets are fearful of them being available..SAD WE ARE GETTING FUKED

  • Bernard Guy Nunns

    Bernard Guy Nunns

     14 days ago

    My friend just took delivery of a new 70 series yesterday. Horribly expensive!

  • Francisco Gonzalez

    Francisco Gonzalez

     14 days ago

    I want a Toyota mega cruiser !!!!

  • tolpacourt


     21 days ago

    Yes, not a Hummer.

    WAY BETTER than a Hummer.

  • Babur Ejaz

    Babur Ejaz

     21 days ago

    Excellent educational videos.
    Many many thanks to you for your time and efforts.
    Sincerely Babur Ejaz

  • motard126


     21 days ago

    178 Jeep owners dislike this video

  • deshan madusanka

    deshan madusanka

     21 days ago

    Dude come to south asia to see cool landcruisers...why USA not getting cool landcruisers 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • navy Guy

    navy Guy

     21 days ago

    I just visited my Aussie mate and his family up at the Kimberly in Australia, we went to El Qestro station up there, amazing 4wding. He has a fully built 2010 VDJ 78 series troopy with over 60K in mods (everything has been upgraded through the massive after market over their), from the driveline through to full overlanding fitout, which is completely amazing. V8 diesel single turbo now makes 350 hp and 800ftlbs of torque, through custom clutch, gearbox and diff. That truck eat everything we through at it, at El Qestro and the famous Gibb River road over the two weeks we were there. One night around the campfire i asked his 10yr old son what he wanted for Exmas, without hesitation he said "dads troopy", his dads response was, you can have it for your 18th birthday, thats how much those bloody Aussies love their cruisers, insane hey?

  • Yemen Knight الفارس اليمني

    Yemen Knight الفارس اليمني

     21 days ago

    They're available in yemen

  • greg campbell

    greg campbell

     21 days ago

    the turbo diesel v8 engines a poorly engineered piece of mining, since they dropped the straight 6 engine we go thru more engines.In one mine I worked at, our fitters reckoned theyd go thru 10 V8's to 1 6cylinder!...aussies, we love our adventure vehicles here...water crossings what idiots put the alternator on the bottom, the turbo on the rear left bottom ( the waste gates always rust up and sieze) and the starter motor in the valley of the engine, all the electrics run under the floor...good luck with ya river crossings... at least its pushed the value on the old 6 cyls up.