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  • Published on:  Friday, December 6, 2019
  • All highlights are from my stream :D

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  • OPgam3r


     11 hours ago

    I just want to chime in on that "getting the balance at 3:40." Yes and No... you have to grind etc... but M4A1 for example... Grenadier barrel, compensator, no stock, stipple grip, (no vertical grip because either type will slow your ADS or MOVEMENT and the compensator is the best attachment for recoil *Ctrl) Because the longest barrels have that extra *recoil Control usually as the last affix, you can play around a bit more... Last slot can go to an optic or perk.. something generally neutral... Another words, "Increased ADS" values for Tac Laser and Stipple grip... have different values... so kitting out with the attachment that has the highest value of each category will give you that extra edge... (your walking ADS stability will be bobbing around but that's the least of a players issues) No stock can go to FSS stock to gain some of that stability as well... a bunch of these weapons have the obvious middle ground... then the deep meta of which attachment for which specific weapon is paramount. Also unfortunately if you start switching out parts... you loose some of the blueprints aesthetic. (and you can skip all that Battle Pass leveling up by pushing "R" in your case lol i watched mine half way through then I noticed it like wtf lol)



     7 days ago

    shrouds definitely the best PC player in my opinion.

  • Domingo Felipe

    Domingo Felipe

     7 days ago +1

    When she says she has a man 8:56

  • nic jones

    nic jones

     7 days ago

    This is actually hard to watch

  • Amirul Zarif

    Amirul Zarif

     7 days ago

    Which map is this ?

  • loli eater

    loli eater

     14 days ago

    isnt it in violation of the geneva convention to shoot parachuting soldiers or nah?

  • MegaVirus15


     14 days ago

    No wonder Americans kill each other hehe

  • J0RDVN


     21 days ago

    Imagine being so lame that you have to buy everything instead of earning it

  • Several Korveks

    Several Korveks

     21 days ago

    Why do he have Hardline as an unlock for an ability??
    That doesn't make any sense

  • Psydude 420

    Psydude 420

     1 months ago

    There is no blood in shroud its all just gfuel

  • Kelo Meter

    Kelo Meter

     1 months ago

    5:16 stewie2k spotted

  • Tiny Nuts

    Tiny Nuts

     1 months ago

    How much does it cost to unlock the bpass



     1 months ago

    Almost forgot Shroud still streams because he moved to Mixer.

  • SlakjeJasper


     1 months ago

    The hit reg was so bad in some cases here..

  • Derrick Terry

    Derrick Terry

     1 months ago

    Did dude just drop $275 dollars just to unlock the fucking Tar? Lol it only takes a few days to unlock.

  • eat my skeet

    eat my skeet

     1 months ago

    6:50 You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you, back to me.

  • Noob Wadu

    Noob Wadu

     1 months ago

    Late notification (^~^)

  • Lord Hamido

    Lord Hamido

     1 months ago

    You gotta give give credit to skadoodl for constantly passing shroud on kills

  • Michael Murray

    Michael Murray

     1 months ago +1

    5:18 Stewie2k in his lobby

  • Pratik Joshi

    Pratik Joshi

     1 months ago

    its like watching a recoil free ASMR