Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pokémon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.

    Leave a ⚔️🛡️ below if you’re ready learn more about this Pokémon!

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  • Sonicopi


     3 hours ago +1

    The broneys infiltrated us gamers.

  • wakeangel2001


     11 hours ago

    so...did they make it look that much like Princess Celestia on purpose? If so I want the shiny form to have blue fur and a black mane.

  • Joe Neri

    Joe Neri

     11 hours ago

    Doesn't it remind you of Butt Stallion from Borderlands 2

  • Michelle Arellano

    Michelle Arellano

     12 hours ago

    I've never liked Ponyta but OMG... I'm in love now 😍😍😍

  • fatefinger


     12 hours ago

    Since ponyta and rapidash are one of my personal favorites this design alone almost makes me want to actually buy this generation of Pokémon games. Almost. However I quickly come to my senses realizing gamefreak is a bunch of lazy apathetic asses that don’t care anymore. About Pokémon games or the fans.

    And I should know because I’ve been playing these games longer than some of the people working on Pokémon have been alive.

  • Fire_Mutt


     15 hours ago

    Poor growlithe, another kanto fire type getting the region form. Maybe next game buddy.

  • MegaAppleshit


     16 hours ago

    What type is it? What abilities does it have? Does Rapidash get an evolution or gigantamax form? I need more! NAO!

  • KuyaZergy 18

    KuyaZergy 18

     17 hours ago

    Scout: "Unicorn POWER!"

  • Amethyst Cupcake

    Amethyst Cupcake

     18 hours ago

    I want this so bad but I want beat as a gym leader!! ! 😫😫😫😫😫

  • _Fuego _

    _Fuego _

     18 hours ago

    when you pre ordered sword but after this you just went ahead a preordered both

  • Pieflavor 331

    Pieflavor 331

     18 hours ago +1

    Why isn’t it fairy type?!

  • Windu Waika

    Windu Waika

     19 hours ago

    If Galarian Rapidash is an alicorn, I’m done. 🤣

  • Avery Ingalls

    Avery Ingalls

     19 hours ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooo no Galarian Rapidash?

  • Cas D

    Cas D

     21 hours ago


  • Odily De Pineda

    Odily De Pineda

     21 hours ago

    A new cat pokemon pls ;(

  • SynsterFear


     21 hours ago

    That thing has fairy typing all over it. Welcome back to the meta Rapidash

  • SynsterFear


     21 hours ago

    If you hear galloping, and turn around, most of the time you will see a horse. RARELY a zebra, but never did I expect this.

  • Soggy Furret

    Soggy Furret

     21 hours ago

    Pokémon I know this isn't related but you must add furret to super smash bros

  • Nerd Dwarf

    Nerd Dwarf


    If you think this shit is a fairy than you don't understand WHY fairy-type is fairy

  • Cydro Plush

    Cydro Plush


    This proofs that Sakura is a brony